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Deciding to divorce your spouse is one of the hardest decisions you will ever make!
People often spend years agonizing whether to end their marriage and start a new life or just try to fix what they have, especially for the children. But if a marriage is in turmoil, then the children are suffering too. Deciding to take the first step is usually the hardest part. Where do I go for help? How does the process work? How long does it take? How much does it cost? Who can I trust? Why choose mediation over litigation?
By choosing mediation, you will be saving thousands of dollars! Because mediators never charge a retainer fee, have lower hourly rates, and eliminate the need for expensive trials.  As a divorce mediator, I will listen to both sides and offer input letting both you and your spouse make the final decisions.  This method creates substantial savings over hiring lawyers, (one for each party), and paying for court costs to go before a judge and other costs related to going to trial.  You maintain your privacy by staying away from the courthouse and you save time and money by not being away from work. 
This is how I help you: (1) I will explain how the entire process works, the costs involved and the overall time-frame it takes; (2) I will mediate the divorce agreements that you will make and then I will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding for the court to protect your agreements in the future; and finally, (3) You can count on me because I have a proven track record of Mediating Divorces. I have testimonials and references to verify how satisfied clients were with my services.
The Memorandum of Understanding that I will be preparing for you will cover about 25 different areas of your marriage. It covers all the complicated decisions involved in dissolving one household into two. It requires decisions about how children will be parented, how everyone in the family will be supported and how marital property and debt will be divided between the two spouses. This process can become a vicious adversarial struggle that exhausts everyone emotionally and financially if done through litigation. Or, it can be a reasonably peaceful and collaborative process if done through mediation.
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(860)Divorce or (860) 348-6723
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